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Take a few small steps toward a brighter, lighter you, our juices & fasts are designed to bring you nutrients while giving your digestive system a break.

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Reset your routine

Replenishing your body with just juices can help you take note of your patterns and help you hit reset.


Reset your routine

Replenishing your body with just juices can help you take note of your patterns and help you hit reset.

better well-being


Rich in antioxidants and 100% plant-based, feel your best getting the nutrients you need.

detox benefit


Nourish your body with health-supporting nutrients and rejuvenate your body by eliminating toxins.

Half Day Fasts

Need to ease into a full day cleanse? Try a half day juice fast instead!

juice and shot

4 Juices + 1 Shot


End your day with a plant-based meal

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Everything you need to know pre, post and during your juice fast.

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Questions about juice fasting? Joey has the answers.

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How does a cleanse work?
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Although everyone is different and needs to listen to their body as they cleanse, Pressed Juicery’s juice plan recommends 6, 15.2 ounce juice drinks per day, drinking each beverage every 2 hours. Drink the first one when you wake up in the morning, and try to drink the last one two hours before sleeping. Juice cleansing is intended to replace solid meals, though again everyone is different and should consume food, water and juice as they need. Be prepared for changes in your digestion and even sleep rhythms as your body adjusts to the cleanse, and make sure you stay hydrated with water throughout, as you might find shifting energy levels and mood in your first juice cleanse. Find more detailed guides and information on juice cleanses here.

Does it help with weight loss?
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Juicing and juice cleanse diets are often used by athletes and health & wellness-focused individuals alike to get more focused and prepare their bodies for their workload, whether for work or play. Cleanses reduce calorie loads and may improve overall health. Though, of course, weight loss is a complex long term issue and anyone dealing with weight changes should always consult with a doctor before embarking on a meal replacement or serious fasting diet.

What are the benefits of cleansing?
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  • Refresh and recharge by replenishing your body with juices & gain a better understanding of your habits and nutritional patterns.
  • Detox your system by eliminating toxins for your body.
  • Nourish your body with vitamins & minerals for your overall health and help you feel your best
  • Rich in antioxidants & plant based, which helps to feel your best getting the nutrients you need.
Is it best to cleanse with juice only or can you achieve the same effects with fruits and vegetables?
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You can get many of the same nutrients and ingredients in fresh fruits and vegetables, but not in the easy to drink and portable way of a cold-pressed juice. All of our juices use real fruits & vegetables, with a cold-pressed method that preserves the nutrients.

Which juices are detoxifying?
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Detoxification is the process through which the body removes foreign substances and particles that are not useful or even harmful to the body. Nearly all fruits and vegetables assist the body’s natural detoxing process. The most well-known organs and systems that aid in detoxification are the liver, kidneys, intestines, skin and stomach. The juices included in our juice fasting program deliver the vitamins and nutrients to support a healthy detox.