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Cleanse 1 | Beginner Juice Cleanse

If you’re new to cleansing, this is the juice cleanse for you. Upon waking, drink your first juice, and drink your next juice in order every two hours thereafter. This bundle includes:

  1. Vanilla Almond
  2. Greens 2
  3. Roots 2
  4. Citrus 2
  5. Greens 3
  6. Chocolate Almond
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We recommend drinking all six juices in one day. If you're cleansing for more than a day, make sure you purchase more than 1 cleanse.

Enhance your cleanse

Learn more about maximizing your cleanse experience here.

Cleanse Guide

Start your day with your Vanilla Almond and drink the rest of your juices every two hours throughout your day, ending it with a dreamy Chocolate Almond.

Morning | Vanilla Almond
Morning | Vanilla Almond
Start your day with protein to feel fuller longer & keep your mind clear.
Mid Morning | Greens 2
Mid Morning | Greens 2
All the goodness of leafy greens and chock full of vitamins.
Noon | Roots 2
Noon | Roots 2
Midday roots for a nutritious boost to keep you going.
Afternoon | Citrus 2
Afternoon | Citrus 2
This refreshing juice is loaded with antioxidants & wakes you up from an afternoon slump.
Later Afternoon | Greens 3
Later Afternoon | Greens 3
The ginger is great for your stomach & helps both soothe & warm your body.
Night | Chocolate Almond
Night | Chocolate Almond
End your day sweet & satisfied with a creamy blend of cacao & almonds.
Feeling hungry?

We all know it, but remember to listen to your body! Try adding a handful of almonds or a warm broth.

Want to boost your cleanse?

Power up by adding a wellness ginger shot or a hydrating chlorophyll h2o & aloe vera h2o.

Testimonials From Our Fans

This is a good way to get your fluids, a 1-day cleanse. I've customized this one for my hydrating needs. Especially in these dry fall/winter months. Even in the winter it's important to stay hydrated.

Mackenzie Mcclain Hill

Athlete & Entrepreneur

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