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Detox Half-Day Fast

Not ready for a full day fast yet or want an easy way to stay light & bright this 2020? This half-day fast includes 4 juices chock full of nutrients plus a Wellness Shot, which packs a spicy punch.

  1. Celery Juice
  2. Greens 3
  3. Citrus 2
  4. Vanilla Almond
  5. Wellness Shot
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We recommend drinking all six juices in one day. If you're cleansing for more than a day, make sure you purchase more than 1 cleanse.

Cleanse Guide

Start your day with a Celery Juice, which has 15 vitamins & minerals, and drink your 4 juices every 2 hours instead of your breakfast & lunch. For dinner, have a plant-based meal with high protein & healthy fats around 500 calories. Take your Wellness Shot in between for a quick & spicy pick-me-up!

Celery Juice
Celery Juice
Celery is a rich source of plant-based antioxidants and helps flush out toxins.
Greens 3
Greens 3
Our most popular greens juice adds a little apple & ginger.
Citrus 2
Citrus 2
Made with pineapple & mint, this juice is filled with antioxidants
Vanilla Almond
Vanilla Almond
A creamy blend filled with healthy fats & protein.
Wellness Shot
Wellness Shot
Packed with just ginger, lemon & cayenne, this shot packs a healthy punch to your day.

Testimonials From Our Fans

This is a good way to get your fluids, a 1-day cleanse. I've customized this one for my hydrating needs. Especially in these dry fall/winter months. Even in the winter it's important to stay hydrated.

Mackenzie Mcclain Hill

Athlete & Entrepreneur

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