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Mango Turmeric Lemonade

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What's in this juice? It's a blend of mango, lemon, monk fruit and turmeric. The combination of turmeric with refreshing mango and lemon make this elevated lemonade taste like summer in a bottle. Thanks to the properties of turmeric, naturally sweet mango, and a natural monk fruit sweetener, it’s a happy choice inside and out.
60 Calories a Bottle
With just 60 calories per bottle, get the refreshment & flavor you crave without compromising taste or nutrition goals.
High Quality Ingredients
We specially source our turmeric from Fiji to help provide good nutrition & the vibrant orange color that you see in our lemonade.
Elevate Your Cocktails
Whether you're making a mocktail or a cocktail, find your out-of-office vibes no matter where you are with delicious mango and lemon.

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