Every juice, blend, and Size 1 Freeze is $5 - every day when you subscribe to Pressed Membership for as little as $10 a month.*


*plus all applicable fees and taxes

Become a Member in 3 Easy Steps

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Create a free account and become a Pressed Member. Add your payment info to get started - you can cancel any time.

Reload money

Choose a monthly amount you'd like to spend. Your minimum spend can be as low as $10 - this goes straight towards your in-store and online purchases.

Juice bottles.

Use Apple Wallet or a QR Code on your phone for fast and easy checkout, then enjoy your juice, freeze or blend.


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Pressed Membership makes it easy.

"Health and wellness is a non-negotiable for me and my family. It keeps us well, it keeps us happy and vibrant, so Pressed Membership is awesome for us"

Sophie Jaffe


Mom of three, yoga instructor & founder of Philosophie Superfoods

Pressed Membership fuels your lifestyle.

"For me health and fitness is all about sustainability and accessibility and Pressed Membership fits right into that."

Blaine Strong


Gym owner & Fitness professional

Pressed Membership makes health & wellness more accessible.

"What I love about meditation, it's just a really easy accessible practice that anybody can use to become a healthier version of themselves. What I really love about Pressed Juicery is that through their membership program, they're really helping to make health and wellness more accessible and affordable."

Blaine Strong


Health & Wellness Advocate & Meditation Instructor

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Last year, Pressed Members claimed up to 30 free juices. You'll also receive exclusive offers and perks from some of our favorite brands.


Have Questions About Pressed Membership?

What is the Pressed Juicery Membership Program?

It’s a simple way for you to get the same high quality cold-pressed Juice and Freeze for significantly discounted prices, as low as $5.00 for our signature blends! Create an account online and set your monthly recurring amount of $10 or greater. There’s no limit to how many items you can buy with your membership account. This is a pivotal step for us to make healthy options affordable to everyone!

Is there a fee to join the membership?

There is no fee. However, by signing up you commit to a monthly recurring addition to your pressed wallet of $10 or greater. These funds are yours to be used towards purchases online or in store.

How do I use my account funds online and in store?

Funds can be used toward any participating products in store and online. Please note that when in store, you will be asked to provide your membership QR code to the store associate at time of purchase.

How do you join the Pressed Juicery Membership Program?

You must create an account online by visiting If you are in store, simply ask one of our associates and they will be happy to assist you in the signup process.

Can I pay for my purchase in split payments (e.g. Membership Funds and Credit Card)?

No, split payment methods are not applicable to your membership purchase. Membership pricing is only applicable with the use of membership funds.

How do I load funds into my account?

Funds are loaded by logging in, navigating to "MY ACCOUNT", and simply clicking "RELOAD". The total process takes less than a minute and can be done easily while waiting in line.

What if products intended for purchase exceed the funds available in my account?

If you are in store simply load the amount needed for the remaining balance by accessing your online membership account through the Ipad in store, or a mobile device via Apple/Google pay or the Pressed Juicery Website ($5 increments; minimum of $10). Credit Cards or other alternative payment methods can't be used to pay for membership purchases. The total amount will need to be reloaded to cover the cost of the transaction. If ordering online and you have insufficient funds in your account, you will be provided the option to load the remaining balance prior to checkout starting at a minimum of $10 and continuing in $5 increments.

Can I order Freeze online?

You can order Freeze online for in-store pickup or delivery (given that you are close enough to a store and there are drivers available).

What size Freeze can I get for $5 as a member?

Membership benefits include Size 1 Freeze with up to 3 toppings for $5 and Size 2 Freeze with up to 3 toppings for $6.

What will happen to my Loyalty Points?

Your loyalty points will stay active on your account. However, loyalty points are not eligible toward or earned when making membership purchases.

Does my money rollover or do I lose it?

Yes, the funds in your account do rollover without penalties. At the beginning of each monthly membership period your commitment will be added to your current balance.

What happens to my funds if I pause my membership?

Unfortunately at this time Pressed Juicery Membership accounts do not have the ability to be paused or frozen at this time. Accounts will need to be cancelled to stop the automatic reloads. Once you are ready to become a member again, you can simply login to your account via the, click “join now” and enter in your payment method and your account will be re-activated and will have the same Membership ID/QR code associated with the account. This is the best way to keep the same information without having to create a new account.

What happens to my funds if I cancel my membership?

Cancellations can be made via our website or by emailing customer service at Once cancelled, your membership account balance will be available in your Pressed Juicery membership account until the balance is depleted. The balance is accessible at anytime and does not expire. Please note, once the membership is cancelled you will no longer receive member pricing, even when using the remaining balance in the member account.

Can I use my membership benefits with other Pressed Juicery promotions or discounts?

No. Membership benefits can not be combined with other Pressed Juicery promotions or discounts unless otherwise stated. Membership prices are also not honored if you are using a third party service to order Pressed Juicery products.