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Celery Juice: A Starter's Guide

Celery Juice: A Starter's Guide

Not Sold on Celery?

When you hear celery, a few things probably come to mind: Being a child and shoving it away when being told you have to eat your vegetables. For some, it brings memories of the first (and then twentieth) time they ever had a Bloody Mary. Some people look at celery and struggle to even recall what it could even taste like. Our point is, we don't know celery very well and most of us who think we do, have weird preconceived notions about it.

At Pressed Juicery, we've made it our mission to turn public opinion on celery around! It's not just good for your cocktails or chicken salad sandwiches, it's actually great for much, much more.


Celery Benefits

In a lot of peoples' minds, greens are "empty". They're just there to fill you up but don't actually do much for you, right? We're sure that thought has crossed your mind. And we don't blame you, the reigning champion of greens, lettuce, is pretty much empty filler and cannot compete with other superfood greens that not only fill you up but also give you nutrition your body craves.

Celery is no exception.

Research has shown that celery is proven to, get this, reduce inflammation, strengthen your stomach lining's defense against overly acidic foods, decrease the risk of stomach ulcers and improve overall digestive health. 

"Wait, what? Celery does that?" You ask, mind blown. And you bet it does.


Want to Learn More?

Visit our celery juice page and take the 5 Day Celery Juice Challenge yourself! (Spoiler alert: It's not that hard, we just thought "Challenge" sounded cool.) When you're ready, order a batch for yourself then let us know on social how it helped you with #PressedCeleryChallenge.

Add Celery Juice to your daily routine!


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